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MATRIC MATTERS: Rubber Recycle, Process Development and Design

MATRIC assisted a client in developing a process for recovery and recycle of rubber. The basic concept had been demonstrated in laboratory experiments. MATRIC then undertook an experimental program and developed a process with potential for continuous operation. Several of the key steps were demonstrated in semi-continuous operation. Process designs were developed for both a commercial scale [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Polymerization Scale-Up

A client had carried out an olefin polymerization reaction in a batch process at small laboratory scale, but needed to obtain larger quantities of the polymer product. MATRIC assembled a reaction system that could be operated in batch, semi-batch or continuous modes. Reactions were then performed to make product samples and determine their properties as [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Process Development, Pilot Plant Operation

A liquid-phase batch process operated by a client had potential for conversion to a continuous process, which would increase the capacity of the unit. The process included hazardous materials with stringent requirements for temperature control. MATRIC prepared a process design for a unit, based on a small CSTR. Design safety reviews were held with client [...]

MATRIC CEO Honored by WV Executive Magazine for Leadership, Community Service

The editors and staff of West Virginia Executivemagazine announced the Sharp Shooters Class of 2019 on June 6, 2019. Sharp Shooter honorees are state leaders who have a record of active participation in community service and philanthropic efforts. They embody the characteristics of discipline, drive, charity, focus, ambition and strong principles. Among this year's honorees is MATRIC Chairman, President [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Process Development and Continuous Pilot Plant

MATRIC, working closely with a technically sophisticated client, developed a highly energy efficient reactive absorption/desorption process for the removal of environmental contaminants from stack gases. After the client proved the basic reactive absorption/desorption concept with batch tests in lab glassware, MATRIC first demonstrated the key features of the process in simple and inexpensive bench scale equipment.  [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Homogeneous Catalytic Carbonylation

A client had discovered a novel carbonylation catalyst and had carried out batch reactions on a small laboratory scale. However, important questions remained regarding the potential for operating as a continuous process, such as catalyst life and the ability to separate products from the reaction mixture. MATRIC designed and constructed a small continuous reaction system [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Ethoxylation

A customer had prepared small amounts of novel products derived from ethylene oxide in laboratory studies, but needed larger quantities of these materials. MATRIC installed a larger pressure reactor with process controls for safe operation. After thorough safety reviews, the reactor was successfully operated to prepare multiple samples on the kilogram scale. -- For more [...]